Four options on Hyderabad?


four-options-on-hydHyderabad, Aug 17: The Seemandhra leaders who appear to have reconciled on creation of Telangana, are however keen about retaining Hyderabad or that it should belong to all.

This has thrown the centre into serious thinking about the status of Hyderabad. One of the proposals under consideration is according Hyderabad the same status as Delhi, which is ruled by a Lieutenant Governor. In Delhi, state government has no authority over law and order, police and land management.

Pondicherry is also another example. It is also a centrally administered city, though Pondichery has an Assembly and a Chief Minister. It is being discussed if Hyderabad could be made a centrally administered place with a separate Assembly. There is also discussion about Hyderabad having a Metro Council on the lines of the old Delhi city status.

Chandigarh was made a common capital of Punjab and Haryana in 1967. It was to be a common capital only for five years. Though the arrangement was to have ended in 1972, Haryana’s capital had not shifted from Chandigarh though 42 years had elapsed. Now it is being said that the central government was considering four options about Hyderabad.

1. Hyderabad should be declared a union territory and retained common capital of Andhra and Telangana states for 10 years.

2. Transforming Greater Hyderabad into Hyderabad Capital Region on the lines of Delhi National Capital Region.

3. If Hyderabad is transformed into Capital region, it would have Assembly on the lines of Delhi. Those in the HCR would elect MLAs and they in turn elect their Chief Minister. However, they would not have powers of public order, police and land administration.

4. If Hyderabad capital region is not to have an Assembly, a proposal to give control of the region to Telangana state is said to be under consideration.

However, the government would not have powers on public order, police, land, fees and revenue. Courts also would be in centre’s control. Hyderabad capital region would be run by a Lieutenant Governor.

Views are being expressed that the fourth proposal could not be implemented as per constitution. The remaining three also could be implemented only through amendment of the constitution. If Hyderabad is made a centrally administered state, then AP would be divided into three parts.

Centre would have powers to create a centrally administered region under article 239 A and 239 A(a). For such centrally administered regions, Lieutenant Governor would be appointed administrator. Public order which include naval, military and air force, Police which includes railway and state police and land which would include rights on lands, lease, rentals, rent collections, land transfers, agriculture lands, land developments and
agriculture loans would be in the hands of the central government.