Get ready for jail, Mudragada tells Kapus


Mudragada-padmanabhamWith just a week left for the commencement of ‘indefinite padayatra’ by Kapu leader and former minister Mudragada Padmanabham, the Andhra Pradesh police have started threatening the Kapu youth from participating in the padayatra, stating that they should not get their precious life and career spoiled.

In an open letter to the Kapu youth, Mudragada said the police were threatening to bind over the youth and send them to jail by foisting cases, if they participate in the padayatra.

“What crime have they committed? Is it wrong to remind chief minister N Chandrababu Naidu of his pre-election promise of implementing reservation for Kapus? Do the police kill the youth if they agitate for the issues that were not promised by Naidu?” he asked.

Reacting to the reports that the police were counselling the Kapu youth to refrain them from participating in the rally, Mudragada said the counselling should be done not for Kapu youth but for those who were indulging in illegal sand, granite and gravel mining and land grabbers.

“Are we in a democratic country? Or are we still under the rule of the foreigners?” he asked.

He wondered whether Kapu youth should not fight for their future, when Naidu had the desire to continue in the chief minster post for a long time and make his son as his heir apparent.

The Kapu leader called upon the youth to get ready for going to jail, but not stop agitating for the Kapu reservation.

“Let them jail any number of people. They should come back and take part in the padayatra,” Mudragada said.