Governor Narasimhan on AP Govt


governor-narasimhan-on-ap-gAMARAVATI: Chandrababu Naidu government has made a decision and in the past it was sanctioned in the form of ordinance and sent to the governor’s signature. There are so many doubts about the bill. There is no signature Before that, give him all the doubts and send it back. Babu went to the Sarkar. The same bill was passed in the Legislative Assembly and sent again to the Governor’s signature. He did not sign it. In the meanwhile, the Bharatiya Janata Party leaders repudiate the bill passed by the House. But the governor did not block AP progression. He recently returned the bill. The governor has proved to be very clear that he does not care about the criticism of his dont care.

Yes, this is the latest stalemate of governor Narasimhan with the AP government. The new bill to change agricultural land to non-agricultural lands is created by the government and the Governor is looking forward to approval. If the bill becomes law, the farmers are allowed to convert the land to commercial lands and give them permission to convert immediately. But at the time of the ordinance. There are errors in which the governor turned the bill. After signing the House, it was sent back to the signature. After the legislature also accepts, the governor will not be rejected. But Narasimhan again mocked it.

None of the leaders in the AP did not know that any of these subjects are hidden, but they all started to attack on Narasimhan. He did not care about the bill . The bill was returned for the second time. The old doubts can not be solved. If all the doubts are insisted that he will have to see if there is a flaw in the bill, it seems that he has a strict approach to dealing with anyone. The curious advantages are tolerated.