Grand Kamma Stratergy behind Ashok Babu ?


ashok-babuThere are reports that the entire agitation by AP NGO’s is not non- political and it is being guided by big Kamma powers in the background. Sources say that though outside impression is being given as if it is being managed by Kiran, which has also elevated his position, now the grand plan is coming out.

It has to be remembered that after TDP Chief Naidu refused to take mantle of United AP agitation, he was not criticized by Ashok Babu and Naidu’s yaathra faced no obstacles. Both Naidu and even the Kamma group in AP is out of power for ten years and now Babu is reportedly getting the help of Kammas in all parties including his bête noire Purandareshwari.

It is now being said that the whole Kamma coterie of politicians are behind the success of AP NGO’s meet in Hyderabad and hence they invited their caste’s spiritual leader Satyavani.

Now Ashok Babu is reportedly encouraging Kiran to set up new party so that they can split Pro-Jagan votes and help TDP. Source- APH