Harish Rao Sensational Comments on Pawan Kalyan


pawan-kalyan-harish-raoTRS leader Harish Rao lambasted Jana Sena Party chief Pawan Kalyan over the allegations made on him and called Pawan as Bachcha [Kid]. “Pawan Kalyan is Bachcha in politics and he should realize that politics are different from Cinema,” added Harish

While new political entrant Pawan Kalyan is not mincing his words and taking on his opponents, in return, his arch rivals are indulging in personal attacks on Power Star. Pawan’s daring and commendable comments on KCR, Harish Rao and Botsa got good response from majority sections of people. No doubt Pawan’s comments were harsh, but he has a valid reason for his anger. And yes, Pawan got severe backlash from TRS leaders.

While KCR compared Pawan to barking stray dogs , Harish Rao’s comments are no different. Harish made similar derogatory comments and stooped down to new low. He dubbed Pawan Kalyan as “Bachcha” in politics. And Harish added, “Politics is different from Cinema.”

The question remains is what these so-called “Senior” politicians have done to State, their respective constituencies and to nation so far? What’s wrong in coming forward to serve people and pointing out at your mistakes? Harish since you claimed that KCR, you’re seniors, what is the kind of language you are using? Despite being “seniors”, is this the precedent you gonna set? And is this the message you want to send to the new generation?

It’s not about the seniority, age factor Mr. Harish, to be public representative one need to have strong will, conviction, dedication to serve people. And Pawan is more honest, sincere compared to you.

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