Harish Rao thinking to join Congress?


harish-rao-congressThere were similar speculations in 2009 when Vijayashanthi met YSR after election results were announced. There was wide spread talk that Ramulamma will be taking plunge into Congress and this was followed by the reported meeting of TRS strong man Harish Rao with the late YSR.

However YSR’s untimely death put an end to these rumors. But after a gap of 4 years, history seems to have taken a full circle with reports that Vijayshanthi is taking a plunge into Congress after having an ego clash with KCR since quite some time.

But this time sources are again speculating whether Harish Rao will follow suit as there are already reports doing the rounds that Harish is being lured by Congress with promise of a Deputy CM post as soon as new state is created. In the current condition of TRS, this would be the best move for Harish if he has to sustain his political career. Let’s wait and see!