How Could KTR Speak About Sonia Like That?


Few comments made by K Taraka Rama Rao on Sonia Gandhi during a recent meeting stirred a controversy. The IT Minister gave an impression as if Sonia Gandhi or Congress Party have no role in Telangana Statehood.

KTR – ‘Telangana Ichindi Amma Kadu, Bomma Kadu�€�Prajalu Kotladi Gunjukuntene Telangana Vachindi. Rashtram Ivvakapothe Prajalu Thantharanna Bhayam Tho Vidhi Leni Paristhithi Lo UPA Government Telangana Ichindhi’.

Even KCR can’t deny that Telangana Statehood wouldn’t have been possible if Sonia Gandhi lacks determination to fulfill her promise. If Sonia had no role in Telangana Formation, Then why did KCR’s Family went to Delhi and thanked the Congress Supremo after the bifurcation bill was passed in the Parliament.

As the elections might happen in the next 4-6 months, KTR could be trying to remind people that KCR alone made their dream come true and nobody else could claim credit for Telangana Formation. How will public receive his comments?