Hung Assembly in Telangana: Survey


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Hyderabad: After doing extensive survey at gross roots in every constituency in evey district, ‘Gulte(’ is presenting you its own poll prediction in Telangana. Touted to be very first elections for a new born state  Telangana(29th State of India), 2014 battle gained much significance in the area predicting a triangular battle between TRS, Congress and TDP-BJP.

Out of 119 Assembly constituencies in Telangana, Congress is expected to bag 35 to 45 seats and likely to stood as leading emerger in the race. While Telangana Rasthra Samithi may just confine to second position with 20 to 30 number of seats, TDP-BJP which said to have good foothold and cadre in the region may end up as third significant player with around 20 to 25 seats.

Since the halfway mark in Telangana (119 Assembly seats), is just 60. It’s clear that no party is going to reach the mark without the support of other parties. Either TRS has to forge a post poll alliance with Congress or with TDP-BJP and others to form government. Elections will take place on April 30 for both Assembly and Lok Sabha in Telangana.

Below is the projected list of Assembly seats for Congress, TRS and TDP-BJP in Telangana:

Congress: 35-45 Assembly seats
TRS: 20-30 Assembly seats
TDP-BJP: 20-25 Assembly seats
MIM: 4 to 6
Others: 13

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