Hyderabad to be declared as Union Territory in Modi’s Govt?


K Chandrasekhar RaoHyderabad: TRS Chief KCR alleges a conspiracy is being chalked out by Narendra Modi, Chandrababu Naidu and Venkaiah Naidu to declare Hyderabad as Union Territory after BJP forms the government at Centre.

Addressing the gathering in public meeting on the last day of campaigning, KCR asserted Narendra Modi would promise to make Hyderabad as Union Territory in his first public meeting (Tirupathi) in Seemandhra. “Modi…Is Hyderabad your Father’s property? Who has given you the right to make Hyderabad which was built by the Nawabs 400 years ago a Union Territory? Vote for BJP is Vote for TDP and eventually Telanganites will have to lose Hyderabad post elections. So, crush the BJP,” he appealed.

KCR opined Narendra Modi is carrying TDP, which is nothing but a dead body, on his shoulder.   He found fault with Modi’s comments of making Hyderabad a second capital of India and described him as the enemy of Telangana.

Political Analysts say, Bringing the ‘Hyderabad – UT’ issue back into the focus is a tactical move by KCR to effectively counter Modi wave in Telangana. In reality, Neither BJP nor TDP have intentions to make Hyderabad a Union Territory at this moment.

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