Implement Orders on Cockfights: HC to AP


COCK-FIGHTHyderabad High Court reacted seriously to the announcement made by AP Home Minister Nimmakayala Chinnarajappa granting permission for cockfights for 3 days during Sankranthi festival. It directed AP Government to implement its 2016 order imposing a ban on rooster fights strictly.

High Court asked State Government to form an inspection team comprising of East, West, Krishna and Guntur District Collectors to prevent cockfights. A deadline of January 7th was set up for constituting the panel. Collectors and Police Department. Cops and Tahsildars will be held responsible if they fail to implement AP Gaming Act 1974 and the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act, 1960.

Human Society International (HSI) MD NG Jayasimha says, ‘Cockfights encourage cruelty to animals, gambling and child labour. Government shouldn’t allow such illegal activities’.

People can report cockfights happening anywhere at their nearest police station or dial to 8899117773 to pass the information.