Intellectuals stoutly oppose bifurcation


telanganaHyderabad: The attempts to divide the Telugu people should not be tied up with issues like wealth, jobs, and others. A majority of the people are against the division of the State and separation of the people who speak the same language and share a common history. The morale of the people would be affected, said speakers at a meeting of intellectuals from the city held here on Friday.

Andhra Pradesh Official Language Commission chairman and former Minister Mandali Buddha Prasad said that the movement opposing the division of the State was born in the hearts and from deepest feelings of the people.

The movement for a separate Telangana was different with many factors like politics playing a role.

He said as a party, Congress was against the division of states. Former Prime Minister Indira Gandhi was against the division of states. She prevented the division of Andhra Pradesh once and sacrificed her life when she opposed the formation of Khalistan.

He said there were several in the Telangana districts that were against the division of the State, but they were afraid to speak because of the fear the TRS had created.

Former Samatha Party national president V.V. Krishna Rao said that it was not possible for any government to divide the people against their will. “Hyderabad will become another Beirut. People will fight for their rights,” he said in very strong terms.

People’s movement

Mr. Krishna Rao said the Samaikyandhra movement was being taken forward by the people and not the political parties. He said the Telugu people agitated for the formation of the State and even Mahatma Gandhi endorsed the formation of the State. He said the division of Andhra Pradesh would be the beginning of country’s disintegration. So it was not just a question of economics. It was way beyond that, he said. He said all the political parties in the State would be washed away in the flood for a united State.

Samaikyandhra Political JAC convenor Kolanukonda Sivaji said that Prime Minister Manmohan Singh not mentioning the birth of a new State in his Independence Day speech was an indication that the Central government was looking at the issue with great deal of care.

He said resignations by the MPs and Central Ministers would definitely have its impact. Other speakers said that the political parties which had created the mess should not try to cash in on the movement. Rythanga Samakya president Yerneni Nagendranath presided.

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