Jagan case is a political case but not a civil or criminal case: Sharmila


sharmilaDuring her public meeting as part of her Maro Praja Prasthanam padayatra, YSR Congress party leader and Jagan’s sister, Sharmila hit out at the government for denying the YSRCP president’s basic rights. She also slammed the TDP, Congress and the CBI for playing dirty tricks to keep her brother in jail. Addressing a mammoth gathering in Khammam, she said:

“The case against Jagan is neither a civil case or a criminal case, but a political case! The case started only after Congress and TDP leaders filed. The TDP and Congress could find faults with Jagan only after the demise of YSR  and Jagan anna’s exit from the Congress. Isn’t this a political case or not?” Sharmila asked adding, “When YSR was alive, they called him Indrudu, Chandrudu, now they hold YSR guilty and filed cases against Jagan saying he was benefited from YSR. Why didn’t the two parties find these mistakes when when YSR was alive?”

After news of Jagan’s bail dismissal spread, several villagers shared their feelings with Sharmila.
Gottipat Anasuya (75),native of Rangarao Banja alleged: “Bidda! we thought they will release our son. But the thieves have got an upper hand. We didn’t even eat after we saw the news on TV. Jagan’s detractors have come together to hatch a conspiracy.”

Venkatanarsamma and other villagers of Penuballi told Sharmila that they gave their work a miss hoping that Jagan would get bail. “Unfortunately, the lord failed to have mercy on Jagan,” they said, adding, “JD Lakshimnarayana has become a political enemy and doing all these.”

Adressing a public meeting at Punuballi mandal, Sharmila said the Congress and TDP are working hand in glove, filing several false cases against Jagan. Only allegations are being made against Jagan, but they have not been able to prove a single charge. Yet they have kept Jagan in jail for an year. Has it happened before that a person has been arrested and kept behind bars without proving their guilt? Is it true then that Jagan is serving a jail term even before he’s proved guilty?

“Which law says that a person can be in judicial remand for an year without having any charges proved against him? If Jagan gets a clean chit after the probe, who will bear responsibility for one year spent in jail? Can the CBI and detractors bring back the days Jagan wasted in jail?” she asked.

Isn’t my brother entitled to even basic rights? Jagan is being deprived of his basic rights as he’s being put in jail even before his guilt has been proved. Isn’t he an Indian? These leaders can’t match the popularity of Jagan in political world. Thus they have resorted to cheap politics by hatching conspiracies. Lion is a lion even in cage. If not today, he will one day come out for sure. That day is not far. These leaders will have no face to show on that day.