Jagan in KCR footsteps


YSRCPHyderabad:The Telugu Desam Party President has been telling that TRS and YSRCP are only branches of the Congress party. If that is the case, YSRCP should not have any problem with his counterpart in Telangana in conducting a public meeting at Hyderabad that is treated as the land of Telangana by the TRS party.

And that is exactly what has happened.  TRS is not making any efforts to cry foul for the meeting of YSRCP the way it did in the case of APNGOs meeting held with the same slogan of Samaikyandhra.

Chandrababu has been telling for long that it is the Congress party’s ingenuity to gain hold on the State of Andhra Pradesh by dividing it into two.  In the region of Telangana the party can have control by merging the TRS party by giving Telangana Statehood.  In the other part of the State, Jagan is allowed to take up the issue against the Government and for Samaikyandhra to become popular and support UPA if not Congress.

Whether the assessment of Chandrababu is right or not, the YSRCP can go TRS way to achieve their goal i.e., keeping the State united.

TRS has promised the Center that it will merge with the Congress if Telangana is given to the people of Telangana and they achieved it- almost.  Will the Congress party do the same if YSRCP offers merger if the State is left united as it is now?

Yes it may!  Because the TRS party is still thinking of keeping its identity as the people of the Telangana region are in the opinion that it is because of the efforts of the TRS the bifurcation is happening which is proved in the successful meeting of TJAC and failure of T Congress meeting at Bodhan.  But YSRCP cannot do it.

Keeping the State United may not be attributed to YSRCP as the movement in Seemandhra came from the people without political parties’ interference.  But if the party announces its merger provided the Congress party stops all the process of State bifurcation the party may get credence in the minds of the people.  That way it will be a safe bet to Congress party to do as YSRCP wants.

But that way Congress party has to forget Telangana for good.  If the indications show that either way it will lose in Telangana, it may support YSRCP so that it can be merged and at least strength in Seemandhra can be gained.  The move also will leave BJP from gaining in both the regions.

That way it all depends how YSRCP makes its stand clear in today’s Samaikya Sankharavam at Hyderabad.

The issue as the Prime Minister Manmohan Singh said is complicated.  We only have to wait and see the developments as the political scenario is changing at Center and also in the State day by day.