Jagan Loses Big Weapon to Corner Chandrababu


YS-Jagan-and-ChandrababuYSR Congress repeatedly quotes the report of National Council of Applied Economic Research (NCAER) which puts Andhra Pradesh in the Second Ranks for Corruption during the period of 2012-2015. Even though the report is mostly based on Corruption in the Congress government, Chandrababu bore the brunt.

But then, a new report put up by NCAER ranks Andhra Pradesh in 13th Position in Corruption. That’s a stark improvement in two years time. The other Telugu State, Telangana is ranked 12th. With that, Jagan has lost a weapon to attack Chandrababu.

More than 52.8 percent of the survey respondents more than a half- admitted there was corruption in Telangana, making it 12th most corrupt state. In the case of AP, 48.9% say that there is corruption in Andhra Pradesh which puts it in 12th position.