Jagan meets BJP leader Sushma Swaraj over Telangana Bill


jagan-and-sushma-swarajNew Delhi: The YSRC president Jagan Mohan Reddy is assuring the BJP senior leader that… if BJP does not extend support to the bifurcation bill, he would offer a support of 25 MPs to form the government. Here is a logic. He is not saying that he would win all the 25 seats, but he is showing the BJP, that they would win the hearts and there by win the support of the M.Ps who would be opposing the state bifurcation.

He is saying that if BJP does not support the bill, then automatically the candidates who does not support the bill would win, there by they will get a support of those candidates, which is very much needed for the BJP to form the Government. This way he is trying to persuade the BJP senior leader who could influence the party in its policy matters also.

But now the BJP means Narendra Modi and Modi means BJP.. In this situation there are lot more policy differences between Jagan and Modi in various aspects. There by the question arises that whether persuading Sushma only works out effectively or not?