Jagan promises to sign on four Files after becoming CM


YSR-jana-bheriHyderabad: Usually when politicians are out on ‘dharnas’ they have people coming upto them, explaining their woes. Sometimes the politician listens, and other times, an indifferent glace is given and the complainants are usually hurried by the politician’s entourage.  However, Jagan during his ‘YSR Jana Bheri’ yatra faced an unusual complainant.

Swapna, a deaf and dumb woman approached the leader and tried explaining her problem. The native of West Godavari hasn’t been receiving her pension regularly. Without the help of a interpreter, and using hurried sign language,with tears in her eyes, Swapna explained the problem to Jagan.

The Kadapa MP didn’t hurry her, but moved by her plight, Jagan promised her all the help possible, when his party comes to power.

The four signatures I will stamp immediately after coming to power would change the course of the state and put the development clock back on its precision and the state will be shaped into the best in the country competing with international standards, he said.

“My first signature will be on the Amma Vadi scheme where in Rs 1,000 would be directly deposited to the mother’s bank account monthly for the education of her two children and the second signature will be on the file to increase the old age pension to Rs 700 per month.

A Market Stabilisation Fund would be set up to provide cushion and provide MSP to farmers and the fourth signature would waiving interest on DWACR loans,” he said.