Jagan splurging crores to Media ?


Jagan splurging crores to MediaWith elections just around the corner, traditional political parties are busy digging deep into their pockets to influence voters in every possible way. Since time is very less, political parties are keen to shell out crores (unaccounted) for media. And beleaguered Y.S Jagan Mohan Reddy, who is facing trail in several corruption cases under quid pro quo, is said to be the front runner in this race while others lagging behind.

According to highly reliable sources, Y.S Jagan Mohan Reddy, whose RS 863 crores were recently seized by ED, is doling out whopping amount of money for publicity. This is visibly evident as two leading English dailies have feature top stories on its front pages successively. While a leading English daily has published a cover story of Jagan’s interview on its page 1, raising many eyebrows, the other leading daily featured a story that Jagan sees Pawan Kalyan as TDP’s ploy.

On anonymity, senior political journalist-analyst opined, “Since election model code of conduct is in force, major articles in all leading dailies, TVs should be scrutinized thoroughly and if there is a sign of any favouritism, immediately such articles should be treated as paid articles and be added into the expenditure of the candidate, party. Election Commission should keep a watch on media articles and surveys.”

Recently, a top national media house has done a survey which said Jagan would sweep in Seemandhra. The survey raised many doubts as the media house has direct business interests with Jagan. The media house tied up with Jagan’s Sakshi group. This is the irony of Indian Politics. Many social activists want EC to look into these allegations and take stern action against all politicians who are opting for evil practices.  SRC – Gulte