Jagan will come to power : Balakrishna


balayyaHyderabad: Nandamuri Balakrishna on Monday had his Freudian slip moment, that left his party, TDP, extremely embarrassed. Instead of saying, Chandrababu will come to power he said, “Jagan will come to power.”

Addressing the public during his rally in Srikakulam, the actor-turned-politician said that he hoped the chief of YSR Congress Party came to power instead of Chandrababu. After making his gaffe, he bit his tongue, leading to a ripple of amusement among both cadre and the public.

However, Monday, it would seem, was not a good day for the actor. In a clear indication that his charisma is not working, Balayya’s election campaign received a very poor turnout in Srikakulam.

The low turnout seems to have disappointed both Balakrishna and the TDP cadre. Prior to his arrival, cadre went on a vehicle announcing his coming, yet the rally saw minimal turnout.

Balakrishna flew to Visakhapatnam in the morning and reached Srikakulam by road. He later started his road show and public meeting at Saravakota mandal center at 11.20 am. Only media persons and TDP leaders were seen at the gathering.

He was reportedly angry with the TDP leaders for failing to gather crowd.

Adding to his miseries, the actor was seen stuttering during his speech, and also kept forgetting important names. Unable to remember the names of the Dharmana brothers during his speech, he kept referring to the leaders as ” Vare brothers” (those brothers).  TDP leaders accompanying Balakrishna, had to intervene and tell him the names.

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