Jaganmohan Reddy behind Pawan Kalyan’s party?


Jaganmohan-Reddy-behind-PawLately there is a rumor going on among political circles that Y.S.Jagan might be the main financial source and reason behind Pawan Kalyan’s to be announced political party.

After the bifurcation things have changed so fast that TDP gained in Seemandra region like viral as every one started to believe that Babu could only save Andhra folks from economic crisis after state division. At the same time adding fuel to the fire many leaderes were started looking at TDP and few jumped too.

So if Pawan could be dragged into the war it might split so many votes in Seemandra and their plan is to keep a weak candidate where ever TDP is strong and help Pawan’s candidate and vise-verse. Well, what ever may be the mind games by YSRCP, Seemandra folks are divided now to vote to the right party. So all these tricks may not work for long…