Jagan’s Crucial Comments on Jobs


One can’t forget Chandrababu Naidu’s election promise that ‘Jobs will come if Babu comes to power’ during the last election campaign.  Employment creation is one of the important poll promise of Chandrababu in last elections but how many jobs are created in the last three and half years of TDP rule is a million dollar question.   AP Opposition leader YS Jaganmohan Reddy made interesting comments on how to start a revolution of jobs creation in the state and how to develop the state.

Jagan posted a video in the Facebook with the title Jagan Speaks.  He said that the CM Chandrababu went for 22 foreign tours after he came to power and every time he says that the purpose of his visits is bringing investments to the state and job creation but it is actually for hiding his black money.

Jagan questioned Chandrababu to reveal how many jobs he created with these tours.  He criticised Babu that he is specialist in telling lies.. industrialists will not come to the state just by watching Babu face or Jagan face..  they consider infrastructure and ground level conditions for establishing their industries.  They check whether the conditions are favourable to establish industries, hotels, hospitals.

He questioned Babu that Do such conditions exist in AP now? He said that they will compare Bengaluru.. Chennai.. Hyderabad when they are investing in AP.  He said that the infrastructure developed in those cities for the past 60 years and the conditions are favourable for the investors. He opined that in such a situation, industries will only come to AP if it has special status.  He reminded that there are the states having special category status will get an exemption from Income tax and GST.  If the state has special status for a period of five years then industries will come to the state.

He said that Chandrababu should focus on achieving special status for the state rather than focusing on visiting foreign countries.  He reminded that Chandrababu unnecessarily spent Rs.250 crores on his tours by traveling in special flights.  He said that Babu could have spent this time going to Delhi and pressurising Modi for the special category status.   He said that if AP gets special status, industries will automatically come to AP and there is no need for Babu to visit foreign countries.

Lakhs of crores worth investments would have come to AP achieved special status and huge employment would have been created already.  He reminded that the government organised two partnership summits in Vizag and once they claimed that 5 lakh crore investments are coming and the second time they said that 10 lakh crore investments are coming to the state.  He said that if that is true,  how many lakh jobs would have been created by now with 15 lakh crore worth investments.

He said that when he checked the actual investments with Department of Industrial Promotion and Policy, he came to know that the investments didn’t cross Rs.5,000 crores in the last three years.  He criticised Babu that the central government institute says the number is Rs.5000 crores but he claims that it is 15 lakh crores.

He said that there were 1.42 lakh job vacancies in AP post bifurcation but Babu didn’t fill a single vacancy.  He said that examinations were conducted but the candidates were not given jobs.   He promised that he will come up with a new industrial policy which will be beneficial to all the industrialists once he comes to power.