Jagan’s Election campaigning in Urdu shocks voters


jagan-election-campaignHyderabad: YSR Congress Party chief YS Jagan Mohan Reddy surprised his supporters in Khairatabad, when he spoke in Urdu for the first time during campaigning.

Addressing a massive crowd, who braved the scorching Hyderabad heat to hear YS Jagan speak, the young leader said, “I will try to speak to you in Hindi, but if I make mistakes, please don’t feel bad. In the upcoming elections, when you go to cast your votes, please remember YSRCP and YSR. ”

After YSR left us, the governance of the state has gone down. What we have is not good governance, not good politics, he said.  “Today, for the sake of votes and seats politicians are willing to say and do anything. We have to get rid of this kind of politics and bring back YSR kind of politics,” he added.

Speaking about YSRCP’s prospects in Telangana he said, ” In Seemandhra we will definitely come to power and either today or tomorrow we will surely win from Telangana,” said YS Jagan to a cheering crowd.

“YSR is in the hearts of all Telugu people and I assure you that all welfare schemes named in the manifesto will be implemented in Telangana as well,” he said.

While concluding his speech, he appealed to the public to select a person who will stand by his word and not abandon the public once elections are over.
“We have to change the present state of politics, we have to usher in politics of honesty, credibility and trustworthiness. We want to change politics, and we request you to stand with us and vote for change. My sister,  Vijayareddy (YSRCP candidate) is also standing for that change. She needs your blessings and support. She has a good and clean heart and I am sure she will make for a good MLA,”  Jagan signed off saying, ‘Khuda Hafiz’.

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