Jagan’s Failure Speech Is Also A Failure!


JaganJagan’s failure speech on Nandyal by-election result is also a big failure. Jagan has neither ‘accepted’ the people’s mandate nor accepted his and his party’s defeat in the by-poll. Jagan continued his blame game and hatred politics even as people outrightly rejected them. His speech right after the verdict is out says that all – Jagan has learnt nothing.

Responding to TDP’s victory in Nandyal with over 27,496 votes majority, Jagan alleged that people voted for TDP as they are ‘afraid’ of the ruling party. Jagan accused government of ‘threatening’ and the opposition leader grossly insults the people of Nandyal by alleging that people took ‘money’ and voted for TDP.

Beleaguered Jagan didn’t stop there. He went onto further state that Chandrababu would be a fool if he takes Nandyal win as his victory. Jagan reasoned that people voted for TDP as it is not a general election but just a by-election.

Even as Jagan’s face looks like a crying baby, Jagan managed to boast confidence and fired on Chandrababu and TDP. Jagan alleged that TDP has spent Rs 200 Crore in Nandyal by-election and challenged Chandrababu to face by-elections in all the 20 other constituencies where YSRCP MLAs joined TDP. Jagan said that he would take that as referendum. Even as YSRCP candidate Shilpa Mohan Reddy conceded the defeat and stated that he would respect people’s mandate, Jagan’s blame game on Chandrababu continued.

On the whole, it is pretty evident that Jagan is not able to admit his party’s defeat in Nandyal. His failure speech where he kept on accusing Chandrababu and people of Nandyal indicates that Jagan’s failure speech itself is a big flop.