Jagan’s Release linked to YSRCP support to Congress?


ys-jaganThe regional parties had to support either the UPA Govt or the NDA Govt, since no single party is attaining the Majority in the Lok sabha Polls. The coalition Governmnets are in huge demand at present.

More than the Nationalistc parties, the regional parties are having much craze among the Public at present. In the Upcoming 2014 Elections too, the chances of the regional parties winning in the states is maximum.

At the centre there are only two Alliances- NDA or UPA. If none of these alliances attains majority then there is a possibility of Third front.

YSRCP being a regional party had to support either UPA or NDA or Third Front at the centre. The two major coalitions at the national level UPA and NDA are not gaining in strength, at present.

Hence, YSRCP YS Vijayamma stated that the decision of their party’s support at the centre would be decided only after the 2014 Elections on the basis of political situation prevailing then.