Jana Sena Party Funding Secrets


Any Political Party needs funding to survive. Whereas, Pawan Kalyan have no income source other than the remuneration he gets for feature films. Then, How is he able to manage the huge expenditure?

Jana Sena Spokesperson Addepalli Sridhar revealed Pawan Kalyan has been spending his hard-earned money for the public meetings. He added, ‘Kalyan Garu told Me�€�Sridhar wherever you might travel and whatever you might be doing, You need to pay your bills. He asked us not to accept favours from anyone. He conveyed the same message to other Leaders as well. Pawan Kalyan himself pays for the food served at Jana Sena Office’.

Sridhar told Pawan Kalyan asked party leaders to bring to his notice if they face any financial issue. Jana Sena Chief himself kept offering financial assistance to few leaders who can’t bear the expenses.

17 Lakh People have become members of Jana Sena Party by linking their Aadhaar Cards so far. Addepalli Sridhar asks public to compare this achievement with the members count of other political parties. ‘This party isn’t formed to amass money. We aren’t expecting the rich to join this party. We welcome only those who wish to fight for people. For the foundation day meeting in Guntur, We just arranged the stage. Neither did we mobilize people nor lure them with food or money. Public has come voluntarily,’ he said.

When quizzed about election expenditure, Addepalli Sridhar clarified Jana Sena is against bribing of voters in any manner. ‘Pawan Kalyan himself gave a call to people�€�If Leaders of other parties offer money�€�accept it but vote for Jana Sena,’ he reminds.