Jana Sena Plenary: Exclusive Updates!


After forming Fact Finding Committee & holding few rounds of meetings with the Members, Pawan Kalyan shifted focus to Jana Sena Party’s First Plenary Meeting to be held near Mangalagiri in Guntur district on March 14th, 2018. As many as five lakh people across the state will be mobilized for the plenary. Indications in this regard were sent to Jana Sena Activists already.

A full-fledged Barricade Structure was procured by Jana Sena Party for the Plenary Meeting. This material will be stored in Vijayawada post the meeting for using it when public meetings are planned in future. Sound System, Lighting and LED Screens were bought from Hyderabad.

The dais with 18-feet width and 120-feet length was designed for plenary. This stage will be divided into 2-3 parts. A huge LED Screen will be set up behind the dais and Jana Sena logo can be found on it.

Arrangements have been done for accommodating Mediapersons at the centre point in front of the dais. Seats for Women would be allotted on the right side, Key Leaders will be sitting on the left side. There will be clear division before each category & entry/exit points to prevent stampede.

An Audio-Video (AV) presentation with details about the achievers who influenced Pawan Kalyan would be offered. There will be another AV as well. Only two cultural programmes were included in the plenary. Music Composer Anup Rubens composed few songs for Jana Sena. Film Writers and Telangana Poets had worked for these tracks. Fact Finding Committee members could be invited for the plenary. The entire plenary will be telecasted live using various platforms. Pawan Kalyan himself bears the entire cost of the plenary & monitoring all the arrangements regularly.