Jana Sena Social Army formed with Party members


Jana-Sena-Social-ArmyHyderabad: Its not even a week that Pawan Kalyan announced his political outfit named Jana Sena, but the party is silently and steadily working towards its goals! The latest we hear is that Pawan is a building a social army of youth from among the party members.

The party is already receiving overwhelming membership response and some among the members will be prudently picked and given tough training to make them as a special force or social army!

This was mentioned in the press note released by the party yesterday. It reiterates Jana Sena is not for temporary gains and/or fame but is founded with some serious long-term goals in mind! The party also said that they wont celebrate any religious festivals (which the party believes have been misused by Congress and other so-called secular parties) or birth anniversaries of national leaders.

And as for the social army, it will be working to revolutionize thinking of people especially the most backward classes of the society!

Definitely this is a strong reply to those who thought Jana Sena is yet another silly party. Furthermore the Jana Sena social army seems to bear a strong resemblance to the ACF, Anti-Corruption Force we have seen in Chiranjeevi’s hit movie Tagore. While Chiru has limited talking about such a force to the reel, Pawan seems to be making it real!