Jaya Prakash Narayan response to Pawan Kalyan’s statement


Jaya-Prakash-Narayan-Pawan-Friends, I’ve heard the news this afternoon that Pawan Kalyan loves and respects me but as promised before, cannot campaign for us due to immense political pressures and compulsions.

My heartful thanks to Pawan kalyan for all the invaluable support publicly and unequivocally and going so far as to sacrifice his own personal ambition to contest Malkajgiri. Pawan Kalyan has done for me what even my brother might hesitate to do. His large heartedness and generosity are praiseworthy. My heart goes out to this young man for the immense pressure on him to break his commitment in fighting the Dharma Yuddham with us.

Pawan wanted to help forge some genuine change in politics for telugu people and thus wanted to show his solidarity by campaigning with us. It does not take a genius to understand that Loksatta is now a big threat and traditional politics is scared to death. So much so, they had to go running to stop him from campaigning for 2 hours.

Politics needs money and needs it for legitimate purposes. There’s nothing wrong with that. But for them, politics has become all about money and only about money.

Dharma is with us. This is an all out war between Dharma and Dhana politics. I know we are winning and Malkajgiri is going to create an even bigger history now than Kukatpally did in 2009. People will see the genuine change they seek.

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