JC Brothers in Soup


jc-divakarreddyVolvo bus accident troubles JC brothers politically. Even after 45 passengers killed in fire accident, JC Prabhakar Reddy can’t learn how to respond to the situation. People disgust the attitude of JC Prabhakar Reddy after seeing his initial response on the accident. RTA officials confirmed that all credentials of Volvo bus are on JC Travels.

Jabbar travels not yet transferred from JC on Volvo Bus. His words hurt the relatives of the passengers and there are no sympathy found in his words after the accident. He expressed sadness on burnt of One crore value of his own Volvo Bus. Prabhakar Reddy said “Daily we can many accidents that are all their fate”.

He also stated that “Their (killed persons) relatives get ex gratia and insurance on their death”. He also defends bus driver and blames Govt on maintaining poor roads and infrastructure. Sakshi attacks JC brothers politically in it’s media. Sakshi predicts that JC brothers will join in TDP in November first week and took this as chance to lash out JC brothers. Recent JC Diwakar Reddy comments on match-fixing allegations between YSRCP and Congress troubles YSRCP. Reportedly, TDP also will not ready for brothers joining into TDP.