Jr.NTR appears on YSRCP flexi


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A flexi banner of YSR Congress party with Jr.NTR and Kodali Nani’s images placed by Perni Nani youth association at Koneru center in Machilipatnam attracts the eye of the people and creates havoc in TDP circles. The flexi containing late YSR and Vijayamma images in the middle and Kodali Nani, Jr.NTR and others on both sides makes people surprise. There were wide spread rumors about the widening gap between Jr.NTR and TDP for his friendship with Kodali Nani.

However, Jr.NTR’s silence while he lashes at Balakrishna and Chandrababu Naidu strengthens the rumors in media which state Jr.NTR is behind him and planning to join YSRCP soon. Media grabs the opportunity to highlight the absence of TDP cadres during his recent visit to Vijayawada city to strengthen its reports about Jr.NTR. However, Balakrishna has promptly condemned the media reports about having any differences with Nandamuri family members. But, now this flexi placed by YSRCP leaders during Sharmila’s visit to city, leaves people wonder whether Jr.NTR is really joining the YSRCP. However, those who knew about their close friendship have rubbished the rumors.

It is evident that even though Kodali and his followers depart from TDP, all of them known to be die-hard fans of Nandamuri family. So, some of his fans in Kodali group might have placed the flexi banner to express their love towards Jr.NTR. Hence, YSR Congress party also considers it as an over enthusiasm of Jr.NTR fan in Kodali’s group. But, it is going to upset TDP especially Jr.NTR who needs to answer now.

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