Jumping Japangs 2.0 Troubling YS Jagan!


YS-Jagan-Mohan-ReddyNandyal by-election has turned the political scenario in the state completely. The result – TDP won with strong majority of over 27,000 votes against YSRCP – has a lasting impact on both TDP and YSRCP. Latest reports indicate that several MLAs in YSR Congress party are toying with the idea of crossing over to the ruling party for better fortunes.

Knowing this, Jagan and a few top leaders of YSRCP are afraid of the jumping japangs. Jagan is apparently deeply worried over running the party in the long run. Jagan is now breaking his head over how to save his MLAs till 2019 elections. Can Jagan save his own MLAs or will he lose them to TDP?

On other side, CM Chandrababu Naidu has his own reservations when it comes to joining YSRCP MLAs into TDP. While Naidu is keen on roping in MLAs from constituencies where TDP is weak, he is in no mood to join leaders, MLAs from other constituencies where TDP is strong as he cannot accommodate seats to them in the next elections with Centre turned down the proposal to increase the number of constituencies.