Kavitha Fires on opposition party


mp-kavitha-fires-on-oppositHYDERABAD: The 24-hour power supply to the farmers as a New Year gift appears to be a new enthusiasm for the TRS government TRS party. The ruling party leaders are aggressive with a positive feedback on this revolutionary decision. This is evidence that the party leaders are responding. Recently the TRS Party Rathsarya KCR or the MP’s poem is said to be evidence. Those who tried to stop the 24-hour power would be extinguished if they were caught by the power cable.

Many leaders of the Congress-Left parties affiliated power groups joined the presence of the Telangana State Electrician Association of Telangana State Electrician Trade Union of Telangana and Telangana State Electrician Labor Union (TR Virakes). Speaking on the occasion, she said that the workforce is very good at providing 24-hour power for agriculture. Continuous-free electricity has been appreciated across the country. The hindrances are now bogged down when the horns hit. KMI said that KCR was the best thing to show the impossible thing. He said everyone appreciates the partners.

MP Kavitha said that KCR, who is the Chief KCR, who has created many constraints – has gone to the courts, has been appointed to the power department to recruit 20,000 employees. The Telangana movement reminded the electricity workers that they had flapped the flag over the state and fought for the state. Electricity supply is a continuous process – industrial growth – children’s education – agriculture – need a daily basis. He said the government is always in the forefront of fixing the problems of power employees. He said 650 CELL M posts would be regulated according to the Supreme Court directive to ensure better wages in the PRC. Kavitha said that the JNC employees have been issued additional posts in health insurance cards – KTP-7, which will help to make a positive decision on levied drivers – watchmen – security guards. Congratulating the employees who have begun to feed the Telangana flag.