KCR to become first CM of Telangana state


kcr-CMHyderabad: TRS President K. Chandrashekar Rao, who is now considered as ”Father of Telangana” in all probability will be first Chief Minister of the new T state after the 2014 elections.

Even after a merger or alliance between the TRS and Congress, the question of anybody else other than KCR taking the reins of the new state is ruled out as an overwhelming opinion among the party cadre as well as the people in the region is that the TRS President should be at the helm of affairs in rebuilding the new state.

As a matter of fact the tumultuous welcome and reception accorded to KCR on arrival from New Delhi on Wednesday evening and the surcharged mood and emotions of thousands of people who had thronged the state capital from all over the region is a clear indication that the coronation of the “pink panther” as the CM of Telangana state is inevitable.

Moreover a new found confidence and conviction seemed to be strongly taking roots in the “pink brigade” that now the TRS party is strong enough to form a government on its own in the Telangana state irrespective of the party merges or enters into an alliance with the Congress. It is also pertinent to note here the changing tunes being heard in TRS circles with regard to the question of merger with the Congress.

AICC General Secretary Digvijay Singh in New Delhi while speaking to the media said that the merger of TRS and Congress is being worked following KCR’s assurance during his meetings with AICC President Sonia Gandhi and other central party leaders. However after the unprecedented reception accorded to KCR this evening, the TRS-Congress merger issue seem to have taken  a U turn.

There is no denial of the fact that KCR during the height of the separate Telangana movement had declared that he was prepared to merge his party with Congress provided the Telangana state demand was conceded by the Congress High Command. While KCR was confident that his relentless battle for a separate state would fructify one day or other and when it turned out to be so, the Congress leaders in the region began proclaim that without  the efforts of Congress  and Sonia Gandhi’s blessings Telangana would not have become a reality.

However the TRS leaders and cadre feel otherwise. They assert that but for the movement launched by KCR and his tireless efforts with the central leaders had ensured the formation of the new state. It is also being pointed out now that the Congress was forced to concede to TRS demand for a separate state for its own selfish political survival.

Thus the TRS-Congress merger issue is now seeped in deep suspense and uncertainty. Many prominent and important TRS leaders like K.Taraka Ramarao and Harish Rao, KCR’s son and nephew respectively, pointed out that the merger issue cannot be resolved so soon as the priority of TRS at the moment was to concentrate on ways and means to rebuild the region. The top brass of the party including its politbureau would sit together and taken a call on this, they pointed out.

One cannot ignore the fact here that it was TRS which in the first place ready for the merger provided a separate Telangana state was conceded. But now it is the Congress wbich desperate to see that the merger with TRS takes place as it is a question of its political survival not only in the region but also at the national level. Thus whether the TRS would merge with Congress or enter into only an alliance, as majority opinion among the party cadre and people are for the latter, KCR becoming the first Chief Minister of Telangana State has become inevitable.