KCR Budget: 80, 000 crore


KCR-budget-sessionHYDERABAD: The government has started to work on Telangana state budget proposals. In the wake of elections, it is expected to have a huge budget. The state government has begun to develop the 2018-19 budget for the most progressive development. Increasing allocations to BSc, along with hiking the fast-moving water projects, the budget will have a balanced balance between the developmental development sectors. In this regard, allocation of progressive funding will be high. The data indicate that the annual budget estimates will be at least 15%

As the Union Budget was introduced on February 1, the Government Chief Secretary SP Singh led a review meeting with the Secretaries of all departments to intensify the state budget as well. What is the income coming to the state at this meeting? How is the GST growth rate then? How many funds are coming from the Center under the stake of states? How is development rate? There was a discussion on topics like this. Chief Financial Officer Ramakrishna Rao explained the financial situation of the state. Officials have concluded that the revenue earned through petrol-excise and the revenue from the State GST is 19 per cent. The assessment of the growth of the state’s growth rate is estimated to be around Rs 1.80 lakh crore in the 2018-19 annual budget.

The budget is being set up for all sector welfare programs for the next financial year. In the new budget, most of the farmers are allocating large amounts of money to the agricultural investment scheme of Rs 4,000 per acre. With the success of the land purging program, the government got more clarity on the details of all types of land in the state. As the loan is completed, the farmers will be guaranteed by the CM KCR. In this budget, the investment plan will be allocated for this budget. On the other hand, information on the BCC welfare will be high.

The finance department has ordered all departments to send online budget proposals online till 9th of this month. But this meeting was extended by the Secretaries’ Secretaries till 17th of this month. At this meeting, the SEC has ordered the Secretaries of all departments to send their proposals online on 17 April.