KCR Comments Adds Fuel to Fire


kcr-commentsEmployees and their issues

 Are these Main issues for Integration or Separation of STATE?

KCR as usual uttered certain  provocative remarks which attracted lot of criticism from all sections including pro Telangana leaders. This time his focus is on employees. He touched upon two aspects. He promised lot of benefits to Telangana employees in new State. This may be viewed as his assurance to the employees for their unstinted support to Telangana cause. There was no controversy but it appears more populistic. But his comments on Andhra employees  has attracted lot of criticism. Just three days back he told that past is past and let us live as brothers. Suddenly he provoked Andhra people who are already on agitation. His comments are untimely and added fuel to the fire. It gave scope to build up argument that there will be no safety to the Andhras in new State. All shades of Politicians condemned his attitude which is a welcome step.

The above controversy once again focused Employees and their issues. Since beginning, the issues of employees are becoming central focus and also the movement is led by employees. It is my considered opinion that employees and their issues attracted lot of attention than people at large and their issues. The working class in AP state itself is not proportionately higher percentage when compared to all India average of course excluding agricultural workers. Out of that, State Government employees are only a part. Their issue is only one part of subject in the whole matter but attracted out of proportions all these days. Political parties are putting them in the forefront as if they are the representatives and accountable to the people. We must blame politicians for this game plan. Employees should have been confined to their connected issues instead of forefront leaders of the movement. The political class, intellectuals and also employees’ leaders should introspect this aspect deeply.

The character of State bureaucracy is well known to each and every one. How have they become so noble suddenly for leading the movement? How political leadership made them vanguards of the movement? Even today I could not understand this aspect! If referendum is conducted anywhere among the people, they will be voted down the bottom among all sections of the people. Whether in Telangana or Andhra, they are the most hated people for their exploitation. Lokpal Bill is opposed tooth and nail by these sections.

Can they be role model in the new State?

At the same time, we must advocate for fair salaries to the employees. What all these politicians promise moon to them is not realizable automatically. KCR promised on par salaries with Central Government. As on today we do not know the financial position of the new state. Whether they receive more assets or liabilities, no one knows. Till today no state Government offered on par salaries with Central Government. Is it really possible? Absorbing  all contract employees as permanent employees is welcome step. But still I have my own doubts. It is not that much easy. Ultimately if these promises are to be fulfilled, there is every danger they may stop new recruitment or reduce staff strength. Maximum one increment can only be a ray of hope as its burden is bearable. Employees should not become pawns in the hands of politicians.

Let them fight for their rights and also agitate for their genuine concerns. But let them also show their concern for the society. As a beginning let them declare one Government Department as corruption free and openly put a Board that this Dept work honestly. Let these  leaders take it as social responsibility. We all will salute them. Otherwise let them confine to their limited role of fighting for their salaries and other service conditions.

Finally it is my considered opinion that State Govt employees should more concentrate on their issues. Joint Action Committes whether for Telangana or Samaikya Andhra should be led by political class. At best employees leadership can be part of that JAC to represent/ focus their concerning issues. For division / unity of State  neither employees nor their issues  be central focus point.  As per allotment of employees for two Govts there are already precedents and central Govt will appoint a committee to look after this sensitive issue. Let all of us restrain till that time.

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