KCR hints TRS merger with Congress


KCR hints for merger with CongressKCR has softens his stand on Congress party with its Telangana announcement made yesterday and hints for merger now. Responding to Congress announcement and Digvijay Singh’s statement about merger, he said, “I am man of commitment.

Once, I commit on anything then I would like to abide by it. I have promised to merge my party with Congress, if it grants Telangana state. I would like to stick to my word even today. But, there is certain procedure, terms and conditions for talking about this option. Let the Congress first pass the Telangana bill in Parliament and declare its plans on how it is going to divide the state. I have no objection to merge my party with Congress, if my party and Telangana are justified in all aspects. However, we will play a vital role in reconstruction of our state.”

However, there are several other reasons that force him to think about this option. After Congress hijacked his Telangana sentiment and declares the state on its own, he too understand that Congress can turn tables on him at any given situation. Knowing that Congress will have the full advantage of granting statehood to Telangana, he knew that it is not wise and easy task to take upon Congress. He might have realized that his party may not withstand before the Congress in the changed political scenario. He also very well knew that any delay in merging his party with Congress will leave him alone in the party as many of his leaders may jump into Congress to safeguard their political future. So, KCR chose this only option left for him.