KCR to lead Congress in Telangana !?


sonia-kcrAfter sorting out the Telangana state formation issue, the Congress High Command is trying to have good grip over Telangana state. For this, it is trying hard with every possible way.

Previously, KCR, President of TRS Party has announced that he will merge his party into congress, if and only if Telangana State forms, which is solely based on the Congress High Command decision. This is seemingly possible, as Congress chief, Sonia Gandhi is in a state of mind to give KCR, the responsibilities to lead Congress in Telangana.

This might occur with lot of conditions from KCR. Many political critics are speculating the conditions that he will impose to Congress High Command. Chief Minister and Deputy Chief Minister posts to be filled with TRS leaders, 60% of 5the seats to be alloted to the TRS are some of the speculated conditions that might impose on Congress High Command.

If the merging of TRS Party into Congress doesn’t seems to be possible then they are ready to join hands with the Congress and to participate in the General Elections.