KCR not to merge TRS into Congress


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Hyderabad: While the TRS rank and file is in an upbeat mood as Telangana State has become a reality, the leaders are worried over the possible damage to their political future in case party chief K Chandrasekhar Rao decides to merge the party with Congress. They are said to be advising him not to merge the party at this stage, but to forge an electoral alliance with Congress.

Party sources said Rao will first discuss with the Congress party about its plans in regard to the seats it would like to contest.

The party needs to ensure that the interests of those who had joined the TRS with an assurance of being fielded from certain Assembly and Lok Sabha constituencies should not suffer. They said that KCR would try to convince the Congress about the advantages of having electoral alliance. He will quote various survey reports which indicate that TRS has a clear edge over other parties in Telangana. Similarly, he will tell the high command that it is the responsibility of TRS to take care of the interests of all those who gave up everything for the party in its struggle for the statehood of Telangana.

The party leaders feel that KCR might bargain for having an absolute say in regard to the candidates for the Assembly and leave a majority of Lok Sabha seats to the Congress party.

  •     Those who joined TRS on assurance of tickets are jittery
  •     KCR may advise Congress on reaching electoral alliance
  •     He also has to care of those in party from beginning
  •     TRS may allot majority LS seats to Cong for say in State poll
  •     If merged, Cong agenda will prevail over TRS promises

This will be a win-win situation for both the parties. It would help the Congress as all the anti-incumbency votes will go to TRS. This way, the TRS can tell the people that it is still at the helm of affairs and would play a key role in rebuilding Telangana State.  If the party is merged with Congress, it may not get a chance to play key role in taking decision in the process of rebuilding the new State and will have to implement the vision of Congress party. This might get them a bad name and people may think that TRS had ditched the people half way through.

However, a lot depends on the outcome of the meeting KCR is likely to have with Sonia Gandhi soon to thank her for making T state a reality, sources said.