KCR on selection of Rajay Sabha ?


KCR-on-selection-of-rajya-sHYDERABAD: The resignation of the Rajya Sabha seats in the next few days is an interesting debate in Telangana state politics. Three seats will soon be released to Telangana Rashtrapati Bhavan. TRS, which has clear cut meage, will get three seats based on the strength of the MLAs. However, if the Chief Minister has already announced that YSR will be allocated to YSR in the replacement Rajya Sabha seats, the position will be allocated to Yadav.

And that’s where the chances are to get to the two names are popular. One of them is the state sheep of the party, while the Chairman of the Meat Development Corporation is Kannabhaya Rajia, the other is the names of the joint Karimnagar district Parishad Chairman Tula Uma. However, KCR, who is in the process of making decisions as expected, is unlikely to be surprised if the new face is put on the screen.

The remaining two vacancies are three names of popular names. These three names are not interesting, but some wonder. Telangana State Home Minister Narsimhareddy Speaker of the Speaker of the Telangana Cirinconda Madhusudanachari names in Rajya Sabha race. The third name is Kesi’s relative. The name of Santosh is very close to him.

Marie. First of all, the first one is to see who is the Chance. In the 2014 Assembly elections, despite the fact that the Telangana government was formed, he was appointed as the key Home Minister and he was elected by MLC in the frames of Arunila. His tenure will be completed by 2020.

If he sends him to the Rajya Sabha in the wake of this scenario, he will have to replace him with another MLC. On the other hand, Assembly speaker Madhusudanacharyi will be sent to the Rajya Sabha. If he was sent to the Rajya Sabha, would he have to hold a by-election for Bhupala Palli representation? The question is coming up. However, by the time of election to the Rajya Sabha, the possibility of making the by-election in the background is less than a year.

There are also disadvantages in favor of sending these two to the Rajya Sabha. If NRI is to come to the Rajya Sabha, KCR is already in a decision to take another place in the next election. Not only is he okay to be okay. In the last three and a half years, Nair has not bothered KCR. In this context, the Rajya Sabha has the opportunity to hear the possibility.

Speaker Madhusudanachari’s name is also popular. However, two MPs (KK Dies) who are representing TRS in Rajya Sabha already belong to the two Munnarurukkupanikunikanikuni belongs to the same category of Madhusudanacharyi? There is a doubt that there is a doubt.

However, KSR does not have to be active in the party. The reason that KCR is in the thought of sending the Santosh as the shadow of the KCR to the Rajya Sabha. But all these are just estimates. In contrast, KCR is likely to make a decision. Before the notification, the name comes from the names of some of the names in the Rajya Sabha race.