KCR set to shock 24 sitting MLAs


It’s now poll time in Telangana and KCR, who was like the unseen Bigg Boss all these days, will have to hit the campaign trail and address at least 100 meetings in 50 days. He now faces the biggest test of his political career.

KCR had already indicated at four or five of the sitting MLAs might be denied tickets this time. He had assured that those denied tickets, would be suitably accommodated in nominated posts or in the corporation posts. But, the buzz from inside the TRS quarters is that it’s not just four MLAs, but it could be around 24 MLAs, Denying tickets to 24 sitting MLAs will lead to a near revolt in the party. Will KCR be able to mollify them with nominated or corporation posts? With his dismal record in keeping his word, will these MLAs believe him? Will those denied the tickets sit quiet?

So, KCR is now trying to test waters. He will first announce 15 names at Husnabad meeting. O fthem at least two or three sitting MLAs would be denied tickets in this list. KCR will see the reaction to this and based on this, he will start releasing the other lists. If there is strong reaction, he would be careful about the next lists. Otherwise, he will refuse seats to the remaining 20-22 MLAs. KCR is determined to give seats to only winning horses and knows that he has to take hard and unpleasant decisions for this. Let’s see how KCR quells dissidence within the party.