KCR Will Face Defeat Just Alike NTR


Telangana BJP President K Laxman warned Telangana CM K Chandrasekhar Rao not to forget the huge price paid by NT Rama Rao. On the Federal Front proposed by KCR to create an alternative for BJP and Congress at the national level, He responded: ‘NTR made such an attempt and he ended up facing defeat in his own state. Similarly, TRS would face defeat in 2019 Assembly Polls’.

Laxman questioned, ‘KCR says Congress is a ‘Thoka’ party. Then, Why is he meeting the parties which maintain good relations with Congress? All this has been happening with the blessings of Rahul Gandhi. Activities of KCR are meant to benefit the Congress Party’.

Putting an end to various speculations, Laxman declared BJP would contest alone in Telangana. He informed about the Bus Yatra which is scheduled to begin in June this year.

Telangana BJP is planning public meetings in 50 Assembly Constituencies to strengthen the party by early 2019.