KCR’s bad track record in survey reports


HYDERABAD: KCR announced his plans for third front and Pawan Kalyan, Mamatha Banerjee and many other leaders are supporting KCR in this move. Of course, conglomeration of regional parties forming a front will be definitely welcomed in the states that feel they are neglected by national parties. However, KCR told one more thing recently that BJP is on the downward trajectory while congress is strengthening as per latest reports.

We are not sure which survey report he was referring to, but there is one interesting aspect about KCR regarding survey reports. It seems he is pretty bad at getting the surveys right. There are several instances when KCR’s “reports” have gone wrong. For example, in 2009 general elections, he was in grand alliance with TDP, communists and other parties. It was actually 3rd front. After the elections were over and before results were announced, KCR took U turn and ditched third front for NDA.

He predicted neither the 3rd front nor the UPA will form the government. However, to his utter dispaoointment, UPA came into power with thunder majority. In 2014 elections too same thing repeated. After elections and before the results were announced, KCR convened a press meet and told,”In AP, Jagan’s YSRCP is going to form the government. You take it from me, I can write it. Chandra Babu Naidu is gone case”.

These are almost exact words he said in that meet. However, within one week results came out and Chandra Babu sworn in as chief minister of Andhra Pradesh. In yet another instance, during Nandyal bypoll , KCR reportedly told media, TDP’s candidate is very weak and YSRCP has edge for winning. But Brahmananda Reddy of TDP won the election with record majority. Another instance was he told, if Pawan Kalyan contests he will get maximum one seat. There are several other instances where KCR’s survey reports have gone awefully wrong. We have to wait and see whether KCR’s latest report will at least turn out to be true or not!!!