KCR’s Clarification On Modi Gadu Comment


Controversy over the ‘Modi Gadu’ comment made by Telangana CM K Chandrasekhar Rao during the Farmers Coordination Committee irked TRS Leadership. A press conference was convened by CM after the TRS Parliamentary Party Meeting in Pragathi Bhavan to offer a clarification.

KCR: ‘I haven’t referred PM as ‘Modi Gadu’! The words spoken by Me were twisted by the BJP Leaders and they began bad propaganda’.

CM warned BJP Leaders to behave properly at least from now. He claimed Prime Minister himself has lauded the TRS rule.

KCR informed TRS MPs would question the injustice being done to Telangana in the Union Budget during the upcoming Parliament Session. ‘Would they send us to jail if we question PM?,’ he fired on BJP Leaders.

During the Farmers Coordination Committee meetings, KCR compared his rule with that of Trump in US. He went on to say people are vexed with BJP-Congress and Opposition Parties have been making baseless allegations as they weren’t able to accept the development happening in the state. He said Congress willn’t win even 10 MLA Seats and BJP won’t even open the tally in the next elections as per the internal surveys.