KCR’s Goal: PM Post or Making KTR Next CM?


HYDERABAD: Has KCR chalked out a master plan to elevate his Son KTR as the next Chief Minister of Telangana? This is what Political Analysts and Opponents assume after the Telangana CM proposed the idea of forming Third Front to fight against BJP and Congress.

During the Telangana Movement, KCR promised to appoint a Dalit Leader as CM of the state if statehood materializes. He, however, got hold of CM Chair sending a message that a strong leader has to rule the state to handle the challenges ahead.

Political Opponents say, ‘If KCR proposes the idea of making KTR the next CM of Telangana, There could be opposition from Harish Rao’s Camp. So, He gave an impression that there is need to focus on National Politics by passing on the power to KTR. In such a situation, Harish Rao willn’t be in a position to raise any objection’.

If we draw a big line beside a small line, the latter will go unnoticed. Who else better than KCR knows it well?