KCR’s Telangana Action Plan


KCR-Action-PlanKCR’s statement made against Andhra employees has drawn exact reactions from the Andhra employees and leaders. It has developed into exact conflict situation that he badly wants. Today, when the Andhra NGOs prepared to conduct a dharna at LIC building at Hyderabad, T-NGOs obstructed them by shouting ‘Jai Telangana’ slogans. Tensions grew in no time as both groups started shouting in favour of their stands.

A timely entry of police has saved them from clashing with each other. Both Andhra and Telangana employees, who have been working together since last two three decades like family members are forced to cross swords with their colleagues only because of KCR’s provocative statement. Even some T-NGOs and T-Ministers also condemned his statement. But, Harish rao and Kadiyam Sri Hari have stated that there is nothing wrong with KCR’s statement.

Many opined that KCR and his family members who lost employment due to Telangana declaration badly wants to retain their agitations. So, KCR has played this trick to create rift between the employees. If, the situation turns any worse further, then there is possibility of Telangana process coming to stand still. Then he can start his agitations afresh demanding for Hyderabad and could retain his lost glory. His one time sister Vijaya Shanthi has stated “His statement may create hurdle in the Telangana process.”  Her statement is enough to believe that KCR and his family members actually do not want the Telangana state to be declared so early.

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