KCR’s Third Front Impossible: Prakash Karat


CPM Senior Leader Prakash Karat made it clear the attempts of Telangana CM KCR to form Third Front as an alternative to BJP and Congress won’t yield results. ‘It’s near impossible to build a front without tie up with either BJP or Congress. Why because, There will be lot of difference in the interests of regional parties. Even if regional parties come under one roof, Such a front won’t last for long,’ he says confidently.

Prakash Karat opined parties like DMK and RJD will continue to maintain alliance with Congress. ‘The only way to defeat BJP is to ensure anti-BJP Vote in states doesn’t divide. That’s what happened in Uttar Pradesh by-polls,’ reminds the Left Leader.

According to Karat, TRS in Telangana, TDP in AP and BJD in Odisha won’t be willing to work under Congress. Even the front planned by Sonia Gandhi with various likeminded parties mayn’t achieve desired results as Congress lacks credibility.