Kiran new party symbol is “Cricket Bat”


kiran-party-symbolWith the bifurcation of the state, CM Kiran Kumar Reddy has resigned to his CM post and as well as to the Congress Party. He is all set to launch a new party in Seemandhra Region. The buzz is also getting hiked day to day.

Recent development in this issue is about the place where he is going to launch his new party, party name and the predicted symbol for the party. He is going to launch his new party in sacred place Tirupathi in near future. Most probably “Cricket Bat” is going to be the symbol of the proposed party.

The party name will be among these four names Jai Samaikyandhra party, Samaikyandhra party, Andhra Pradesh Samaikyandhra Parishat, Andhra Pradesh Rashtra Samithi.

The proposed party will have a image of “Telugu Talli” embedded on it.