Kiran Reddy conducts survey for launching new party


kiran reddyHyderabad: It seems care-taker Chief Minister Kiran Kumar Reddy is adopting a cautious approach on floating a new party.

He is deeply involved in conducting surveys and organizing meetings with Seemandhra leaders including the six MPs expelled from Congress.

Sources close to Kiran have disclosed that Kiran will go ahead ad set up the new party if he gets favourable results from the surveys. He will organize a public meeting in Rajahmundry and announce the new party. He will then follow up this announcement, by going for a series of meetings in different cities and towns to engage public.

It is now emerging that Kiran is not sharing the enthusiasm being shown by the six suspended MPs including Vundavalli Arun Kumar and Sabbam Hari. He advocated caution when the MPs proposed that the Rajahmundry meeting shall be conducted on this Sunday.

But former minister Pithani Satyanarayana, who is close to Kiran, trashed reports that Kiran may not at all float the new party. Pithnai said currently the process of surveys and consultations is on, and this comes to a conclusion in the next two days. A decision will be announced at that stage.

Problem arose primarily from Kiran’s extra-cautious approach, it is said. He is not disclosing to anybody, what actually is in his mind, some of his close followers say.