Kodandaram and Srinivasa Goud Secret deal with Congress?


secret-deal-with-congressIt’s a known fact that the Telangana Joint Action Committee (TJAC) played a key role in the  Telangana movement. Particularly, TJAC chairman Kodandaram became quite popular after the start of the movement.

Now that the Centre has announced separate statehood for Telangana what happens to TJAC. What will they fight for?TJAC leaders vow to continue to fight for the rights of Telangana even after declaration of state. However, nobody knows what’s on the mind of Kodandaram.

According to reliable sources in TJAC, Kodandaram along with Srinivasa Goud paid a secret visit to Delhi on Friday. The duo was in the nation’s capital last evening and returned this morning.

Speculation is rife in TJAC that they attended a meeting at the house of a senior Congress leader. Surprisingly, their visit was kept under wraps. Kodandaram did not talk about it to anyone. Sources say that the visit has political motives.The buzz is that they met Congress top leaders in Delhi.

There were rumors that Congress’ working on a strategy to become a strong political party in Telangana region by making the TRS weak and wooing its leaders. The ruling party has also started attracting TJAC leaders to its side and making all efforts to get their support.

Now, the question is what conspired between top Congress leaders and Kodandaram. Will the TJAC chairman spill the beans?