Kodandaram Satire on KCR-Pawan meet


kondandaram-comment-on-kcr-HYDERABAD: Pawan Kalyan, the Jana sena leader, met with Telangana CM KCR on the occasion of the New Year. On this occasion, the Telangana Sarkar has been praised for over 24 hours of performance. There are many criticisms of the meeting. The BJP leaders have already responded to the recent.  Telangana JAC chairman Prof Kondamaram said. Opposites commented.

The Chief Secretary of the state government met today in Telangana Secretariat. Then he said to the media KCR Pawan who is the one who blamed each other. Enemies have been opposed to the enemy, “Pawan told reporters on the power supply. In Telangana, production of power plants from other states would not be enough to buy a unit of Rs.3.50 per unit. He said that groundwater will be replaced by continuous electricity.

Claiming that the state government is not accepting proper procedures in the replacement of jobs. The rules for the tat not to replace teacher posts questioned the TRT. Demanding that the fourth class employees of the AP should be brought to Telangana to cancel the Contributive Scheme. The notifications should be made rapidly for the employment of the employees.