Konda Surekha comments on TRS-Congress alliance


konda-surekhaHyderabad: On Tuesday, Konda Surekha along with her husband Konda Murali has joined in Telangana Rashtra Samithi at KCR’s residence in presence of the Party Supremo, KCR. Later, she addressed the media and said KCR has taken a right decision by keeping TRS party away from the merger with Congress Party.

She said it was with the untiring efforts of KCR led TRS only, Telangana was realized. She said under the able leadership of him only, it will be possible to turn Telangana into a golden Telangana. Further, she said that she has a strong belief that KCR is the only leader under whose leadership Telangana can be rebuilt. She was remorseful to every activist both in rank and file if they might have felt sad for her earlier comments. Even KTR joined to support her that past was not to be brought into the present and welcomed her into the party.